Monday, January 2, 2012


So, I have moved to WordPress for my Milwordy blog to make following and interacting with my fellow Milwordy-ers easier. The link is:

I hope to see you all there!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Write Your World: The New Year Is Here!

So, a lot of us have traditions when it comes to the holidays. Seeing as one just passed us by, let's take a look at that. New Years Eve - the holiday that brings a few specific things to my mind.

First of all, I obviously think of alcohol. Now, don't misunderstand, while I did have a little to drink last night, I didn't get anywhere near drunk. I am not saying that this is a tradition for me personally, just one that most people seem to associate with New Years Eve. It's like, "Oh hey, it's the end of a year. Let's get completely smashed so that we don't remember anything!" I'm not trying to bash people that do that, I just don't get it. I once was one of those people, though, so you would think I would understand, but I don't. I don't understand why I EVER did that. I no longer think that being drunk is any fun, in fact, quite the opposite! Basically, I like to be in control, and if something fun happens, I would like to remember it.

Second, I think of fireworks. I certainly heard quite a few last night, although sadly, I did not see any. I almost find it sad that we have a firework show for July 4th but not for New Years, but seeing as I don't even go on the 4th of July, I suppose it's not a big deal.

Third, I think of resolutions. Now, that could have easily been the first thing, but seeing as it doesn't actually take effect until AFTER New Years I thought it could go toward the end. Now, a lot of us make promises to ourselves to lose a certain amount of weight, or do some sort of thing that by the end of January we have given up on. I'm going to admit that I have only ever once been successful in a New Years Resolution. When I was 14 I resolved that I would grow closer in my Walk with God. I did. I no longer really make resolutions, but this year I did make goals, and I intend to keep them!

Lastly, I think of new beginnings. I chose to clean my room over the past two days because of something that a friend said in her blog. She talked about how what we spend New Years day doing is what we will spend the year doing. Well, I wanted to spend my day writing and reading and spending time with family, so I HAD to get the boring stuff out of the way! I still need to organize, but hey, it's a start! And I AM spending my day pretty much as planned! I also feel like it is a time for spiritual renewal. I will be starting a fast tomorrow for 21 days, and I will be relying on God to fill up all of those holes that will be left where gluten and *sigh* sugar once were. I really can't wait to have to completely lean on Him. This will be a great experience for me, and it will clean me out physically AND spiritually for a great start to the year.

Things are going to be amazing in 2012. I have felt it for quite some time now. I KNOW God is going to do great works in me and those around me. I KNOW that I can accomplish my goals if only I give it my all. I am going to be driven this year, for once. My life is back on track, and I am in for an amazing ride!

And the Journey Begins....

Well before I get started with my blogging, I am going to just do a quick intro. Basically, everything I write over the next year will go here. I have two other blogs that will feature some of my writing, but the majority of it will be here. I am aiming for one million words by the end of 2012, a very crazy challenge I know.

I will be blogging, writing short stories, writing novels, and other writing challenges. I will also be attempting to read at least 30 books this year, a large portion of which are classics from the BBC List of books (they think that Americans have read no more than 6. I've read 7, but I'm determined to read more!).

So, as it is after 6:30 in my time zone, I am failing already! I have yet to read any of my first book and I have yet to do any blogging or novel writing/planning!! I'm also wanting to finish my 2011 Nanovel this month. I love how I had it all planned out in Google Calender, and yet here I am, writing my first thing of the year...a post about how behind I am with my writing. Ha! So, now you know that I will be going insane this coming year, and I feel that means you have been sufficiently warned. So sit back and enjoy the show!